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Thanks to Colonial Williamsburg, I was able to research 18th century fireboards (alternately also called chimneyboards) in the archives. Since our house is a historically accurate recreation of an 18th century Central Virginia plantation house, we want the fireboards to have historically appropriate scenes. How are they used? Colonial fireplaces did not have dampers to […]

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Gambrel Roof Structure

Learn about our unique gambrel roof structure

Learn about our unique true gambrel room structure on Gracefield Hall. Here is a stylized diagram of our roof structure. Some guests have inquired about how the roof was constructed. Rob Carter of Southern Traditions was able to have the roof designed so it could be a true colonial gambrel roof, with a knee wall […]

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Colonial Revival

Colonial Revival started in the late 19th century, when interest revived in our colonial American history, and continued to the mid-20th century. What started as a return to simpler, purer days, soon turned into an architectural and decorating style. Consumerism was just beginning in the 18th century; but, only the upper one or two percent […]

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Colonial House Tavern

Colonial House – Part 22

Colonial House On October 9, 2015, we received the final permit to open our bed and breakfast. We named it Gracefield Hall after the road on which we lived in Maryland before moving here. We have posted in the first floor passage a replica of an 18th century license to operate an ordinary. The license […]

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Colonial House Kitchen Fireplace

Colonial House – Part 21

Colonial House The kitchen has visible in the ceiling the exposed floor boards for the second floor, supported by exposed beams. Kitchens were typically left unfinished with whitewashed walls and ceiling. A large cooking fireplace at the far end of the kitchen provided a place to prepare meals and boil water for washing clothes. Kitchen […]

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Colonial House Chamber

Colonial House – Part 20

Colonial House The bedchamber at the rear of the second floor, the Green Guest Room, is the largest of the three guest rooms. There is no crown moulding in this room; just a chair rail. The woodwork is painted a bright green to enliven the room in the afternoon when the room gets minimal light. […]

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Colonial House Maps

Colonial House – Part 19

Colonial House The second floor passage provides access to three additional bedchambers, including ours. This area would have served as work space. An easy chair in the front of the passage provides a place to sit and relax or read. The two-piece crown moulding in the second floor passage is the simplest of all the […]

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Colonial House Bed Chamber

Colonial House – Part 18

Colonial House The first floor bedchamber, the Blue Guest Room, is in the room behind the parlor. Since it is a primary guest room, it is trimmed with chair rail and a single-piece crown moulding. The trim is painted a bright blue; a minor color in the hierarchy of important 18th century colors as would […]

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Colonial House curtains

Colonial House – Part 17

Colonial House A server at the far end of the dining room is accurate to the period, as is the gate-leg table at rest (folded) under the large mirror on the exterior wall. Above the server are the May and December lithographs from the 12 months of flower prints. These two prints represent the birth […]

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Colonial House Corner Cabinet

Colonial House – Part 16

Colonial House On the right is the dining room, with woodwork painted bright red. This room is socially prominent and definitely meant to impress guests. A large built-in corner cabinet contains creamware pieces and matching Wedgewood Queens Ware dishes, in the potpourrie design, for display and storage. Queens Ware was named for Queen Charlotte by […]

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