Watermelon on the back porch

It’s the perfect time of year to eat watermelon on the back porch at Gracefield Hall. Book your summer escape with us now! Our back porch in the afternoons is shaded and gets refreshing breezes. You can relax with a cool drink and a large cold slice of watermelon on the back porch and look out over the field to the woods in the east. In the evening, deer come out and graze in the field and swallows dive and swoop in the air, looking for bugs. After the swallows leave, the bats take over circling and diving low for bugs.

Enjoying ice cold watermelon on the back porch

And, a rarity in Central Virginia, almost no bugs on the back porch! Enjoy pleasant conversation with other guests or with us. Or, if you prefer, just listen to the quiet. Well, mostly quiet; you will hear birds chirping in the forest and the occasional woodpecker or flicker tapping on the trees.

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