New Kent County Bicycle Trails

New Kent County has six bicycle trails ranging from just under 15 miles to just over 77 miles. All six trails begin and end at the New Kent County Visitors and Commerce Center at I-64 Exit 211; a great place to visit even if you are not riding one of the trails. Any time of the year is a good time to ride the scenic, rural trails of New Kent County. Seldom is there any vehicular traffic so ride in peace and enjoy the scenery. Each trail is well-marked with color-coded arrow signs and a brochure you can pick up at the Visitors Center provides turn-by-turn directions.

Want to spend a few days riding the trails? Stay at Gracefield Hall Bed & Breakfast where you can keep your bicycle on our large covered back porch. We can suggest local restaurants for noon and evening meals and provide a hot, hearty breakfast before you head out on the trails. Gracefield Hall is less than a mile from four of the trails if you want to start and end mid-trail and use the Visitors Center as a rest stop.

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