Glowing Review

A glowing review from Dean and Lisa Kropp, who spent four days at Gracefield Hall while they attended a friend’s wedding and did some sightseeing. What a fascinating couple!

What do “YOU” get when you mix up a guy who’s; 1. A pilot; 2. Drives from Providence Forge, Virginia to Long Island – New York to retrieve a beautiful rescue dog, an Alaskan Malamute named Frankie, to take back home; 3. Volunteers to transport rescued dogs from point A to B and sometimes C; 4. Volunteers for the hardest job at Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, “MAKING AND FIRING BRICKS FROM SCRATCH,” I mean it; and he loves to cook breakfast. And the gal who he is mixing it up with; 1. Loves the guy who does all of the above; 2. Is a physician assistant for cardiologists in town; 3. Loves to cook breakfast with the guy who also loves to cook breakfast. Did I say that already?. Well then, meet Larry and Patricia of Gracefield Hall Bed and Breakfast located 30 minutes east of Richmond International Airport, Richmond, Virginia, on Route 60. They have reconstructed a colonial style house from the 1700s with up to date features so you feel like your are in the 1700s without having to sweat it out! This place set our hearts a flutter as we had the best time and a special tour of Colonial Williamsburg by Larry. He has a secret surprise waiting for you when you stay with them for a nice weekend, or during the week, whatever schedule you have available. This Bed and Breakfast gets 5 stars. Review by the Dean of Chefs, Dean Kropp; former pastry chef and catering chef for movie stars.


Dean and Lisa

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