Fruit trees

Fruit trees were delivered. On Thursday, 3 of the 4 fruit trees were delivered from Fast Growing Trees in South Carolina. I planted them Thursday afternoon in the orchard: 1 Gala apple tree; 1 Fuji apple tree; and 1 Elberta peach tree. The second Elbert peach tree will be delivered next Thursday. These trees come with a burlap-wrapped root ball. All you have to do, once you have prepared the hole, is drop them in the hole, backfill with dirt while keeping the tree vertical, and tamp the dirt down to remove air pockets. Then I staked them for support using two 5-foot stakes, tree wire from Lowe’s, and two 1-foot sections of cut hose (I cut mine out of old soaker hose). After that I mulch with straw, drive in four 6-foot stakes at the edge of the straw, and staple deer netting around the perimeter formed by the four stakes. Water well and check daily. So far, we have planted 5 of the 25 trees in the orchard and that will be it until cooler weather this Fall.

I had also previously planted 3 of 4 cherry trees along the driveway in the front yard.

Gala Apple Tree

Gala Apple Tree with the house and Carriage House in the background.

Fuji apple tree

Fuji apple tree in the orchard. One of Patricia’s favorite eating apples.

Fuji apple tree

Harvester Peach Tree in the orchard.

Harvester peach

Peach on the Harvester Peach Tree.

Harvester peach tree

The second Harvester peach tree.

Elbert Peach Tree

Elbert Peach Tree in the orchard.

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