Deer in the field

We usually have 6-7 deer in the field grazing at dusk; all does, sometimes with fawns and yearlings. This year, for the first time, we had deer, a 2-point buck with 3 other deer, all does, grazing in the front yard, usually at dawn. On Tuesday at dawn, there was an 8-point buck grazing in the front yard with 3 other deer, all does. I do not know if he drove off the young buck or if both in the area, which would be unusual. Anyway, the picture here shows him about 50 feet from the kitchen window. I wanted to take a picture but could not open the window because he would have bolted into the woods before I could take a picture. So, I turned off the flash to avoid a reflection that would have washed out the picture and shot through the window. I had to hand-hold the camera and use a timed exposure so the picture is dark and a bit out of focus but it is the best I could do under the circumstances. If he comes back I will attempt to get a better picture.

8-point buck in the front yard

8-point buck in the front yard

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