Colonial House – Part 21

Colonial House

The kitchen has visible in the ceiling the exposed floor boards for the second floor, supported by exposed beams. Kitchens were typically left unfinished with whitewashed walls and ceiling. A large cooking fireplace at the far end of the kitchen provided a place to prepare meals and boil water for washing clothes. Kitchen fireplaces were large because there would be several small fires burning that would be used to cook or bake at different temperatures. Hooks driven into the plank inserted into the fireplace face above the firebox were used to hold pots, pans, and other utensils.

Colonial House floor beams

3 by 8 beams support the flooring, which is exposed and visible, for the second floor.

Colonial House Kitchen Fireplace

A large fireplace, with a crane and trammel hooks, is used for cooking and heating water for washing clothes.

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