Colonial House – Part 15

Colonial House

To the left is the parlor; a socially important room. This room has a small wood burning fireplace in the corner with a custom mantle, painted in the same color as the passage woodwork, and slate surround. It is built with a square early colonial firebox using hand-molded bricks. A cast iron fireback leaning against the back of the firebox is decorated with a pineapple and helps reflect heat into the room. All the woodwork is painted bright green. Vibrant colors were used to brighten a room on overcast days or during the evening. There are no drapes on the windows; just Venetian blinds, which are historically accurate. Framed prints, such as the Amsterdam cityscape, are appropriate but the furnishings, especially a sofa, are more than an 18th century house would typically have had. Easy chairs, or wing chairs, would have been located in a bedchamber. Guests would have been seated on chairs brought over from the dining room. But here, modern comforts prevail. A large mirror with adjacent sconces helps light the room. Mirrors were used mostly to reflect light back into the room.

Colonial House Mirror

A large framed mirror flanked by sconces helps light the room.

Colonial House Fireplace

A custom mantle with slate surround highlights the square firebox with andirons topped with brass finials.

Colonial House Game table

An easy chair, game table, and corner chair indicate the parlor is a room for conversation and entertaining.

Colonial House Desk

A desk and bookcase, also called a secretary, displays a collection of Delftware. Brass candle holders are stored on top when not being used.

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