Cozy fires in the fireplaces.

Dining Room Fireplace

Dining Room Fireplace

We picked up about 3/4 of a full cord of firewood at Roxbury this afternoon so there will be cozy fires for our guest to enjoy in the Parlor and Dining Room fireplaces this winter. Our 1972 Chevy C20 pickup truck handled the load with ease, which is why we still have it. I bought it new in 1972 for $3,500; another reason not to replace it. Try buying a new truck that can carry 1-1/2 tons today for that price!

So come on out and spend a night or two or three and cozy up to a warm fire every morning in the Parlor and eating a hot, multi-course country breakfast next to the Dining Room fireplace. In the afternoon after a day’s activities the crackling fire in the Parlor fireplace welcomes you to sit a while, warm up, and enjoy a snack and refreshments. Read a book or magazine and listen to classical music. Some days it is just nice, maybe even an luxury, to sit, relax, and enjoy a warm fire. We look forward to welcoming you.

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