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2x3 floorcloth I painted with a farm scene

Fire Boards

I am researching 18th century fire boards at Colonial Williamsburg and will visit the historical interiors collection later this week. They are also called chimney boards and were used to close off a fireplace opening during the summer when the fireplace was not being used. Kitchen fireplaces never had fire boards because that fireplace was […]

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Colonial House Kitchen Fireplace

Colonial House – Part 21

Colonial House The kitchen has visible in the ceiling the exposed floor boards for the second floor, supported by exposed beams. Kitchens were typically left unfinished with whitewashed walls and ceiling. A large cooking fireplace at the far end of the kitchen provided a place to prepare meals and boil water for washing clothes. Kitchen […]

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Colonial House Corner Cabinet

Colonial House – Part 16

Colonial House On the right is the dining room, with woodwork painted bright red. This room is socially prominent and definitely meant to impress guests. A large built-in corner cabinet contains creamware pieces and matching Wedgewood Queens Ware dishes, in the potpourrie design, for display and storage. Queens Ware was named for Queen Charlotte by […]

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