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2x3 floorcloth I painted with a farm scene

Fire Boards

I am researching 18th century fire boards at Colonial Williamsburg and will visit the historical interiors collection later this week. They are also called chimney boards and were used to close off a fireplace opening during the summer when the fireplace was not being used. Kitchen fireplaces never had fire boards because that fireplace was […]

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Gambrel Roof Structure

Learn about our unique gambrel roof structure

Learn about our unique true gambrel room structure on Gracefield Hall. Here is a stylized diagram of our roof structure. Some guests have inquired about how the roof was constructed. Rob Carter of Southern Traditions was able to have the roof designed so it could be a true colonial gambrel roof, with a knee wall […]

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Glowing Review

A glowing review from Dean and Lisa Kropp, who spent four days at Gracefield Hall while they attended a friend’s wedding and did some sightseeing. What a fascinating couple! What do “YOU” get when you mix up a guy who’s; 1. A pilot; 2. Drives from Providence Forge, Virginia to Long Island – New York […]

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Table Utensils

Table utensils can come in a bewildering array. A picture of a table setting at a B&B was posted on a B&B owners group Facebook page, showing numerous utensils. That brought out a discussion about the need for that many utensils and the usages. My contribution was: until the early 18th century it would have been […]

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Colonial Revival

Colonial Revival started in the late 19th century, when interest revived in our colonial American history, and continued to the mid-20th century. What started as a return to simpler, purer days, soon turned into an architectural and decorating style. Consumerism was just beginning in the 18th century; but, only the upper one or two percent […]

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Weeds! After daily rain for an entire month, I have spent the last three weeks pulling weeds out of our country land, parking area, and brick walks. I can now state that everything is almost weed free! (Can you ever be weed free? I don’t think so!) Anyway, every thing looks great now; neat and […]

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Winery tour

A winery tour in New Kent County is a perfect reason to spend the night at Gracefield Hall! There are three wineries in the county: New Kent Winery, Saude Creek Winery, and Gauthier Vineyard. All are a 15-20 minute drive from Gracefield Hall. Tour the wineries and spend the night, or spend the night and tour the […]

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Southern Magnolia Blossom.

Magnolia Blossom

The Magnolia blossom opened! Last year we planted two 5-foot tall Southern Magnolia trees. We did not expect to get blossoms for a few years after the trees matured. Yet, last week one of the trees had a flower bud form. We kept an eye on it, enthusiastically anticipating its opening. Well, it opened yesterday. […]

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