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Colonial House – Part 5

Colonial House This colonial plantation house is the house in which we now live, as though it had been built and expanded as just described. One important item we learned during our research is that there was no standard “cookie cutter” design; each property owner might have used the center passage plan but also applied individual […]

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Main House Expanded With a Dining Room and Study and Joined to the Kitchen.

Colonial House – Part 4

Colonial House The small house in which they live has become crowded so he connects the house to the kitchen building, which had to be raised to make the floor flush with the house floor, with a large edition for a new dining room and study. The study contained book shelves to house his extensive […]

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Stable Expanded Into a Carriage House.

Colonial House-Part 3

Colonial House His wealth steadily increases, as does the size of his family, and he becomes a middling farmer. A middling farmer would have been a landowner able to vote but just below the two percent gentry ruling class. With increasing wealth, he buys a carriage so he and his family can travel to the […]

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Main House (left)–Kitchen (center)–Stable (right).

Colonial House-Part 2

Colonial House First, he clears a house site in the middle of his property, erecting a rudimentary earth-fast cabin (an earth-fast building has no foundation and is built with vertical posts set in the ground). He marries, raises a family, and within a few years he has earned enough money from selling timber to build […]

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Colonial House = Part 1

Evolution of Gracefield Hall-a Colonial Plantation House Colonial House Imagine a young boy arriving in Norfolk, Virginia, from England during the first quarter of the eighteenth century. Unable to pay his passage, he signs onto a ship as a cabin boy, leaving the ship in Norfolk. Walking to Williamsburg, the new colonial capital, he soon […]

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Gracefield Hall-Our House

I have written a booklet about how Gracefield Hall ™ would have been built if it had been built in the 18th century. The second part of the book describes the architectural details and how the details reflected the status of the family living there. What follows in many posts is the text and pictures […]

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