Ham and Swiss Quiche

Fully Booked

We were fully booked Saturday night: two couples from Maryland were riding the Virginia Capital Trail; one couple from New Jersey was attending an engagement party; and one couple from Portsmouth, Virginia, was sightseeing in the area and decided to spend the night. Breakfast was juice, banana-strawberry smoothies, fresh berries with blueberry yogurt, ham and Swiss cheese quiche, asparagus and cheddar cheese quiche, baked custard French toast, almond kringle, Edwards sausage, Smithfield bacon, and coffee and tea.

We had three rooms booked by reservation and then we received a call from the sightseeing couple who found us on the Virginia is for Lovers web site and we looking for a room to spend the night in the area. Of course we took this last-minute booking and that resulted in our being fully booked for the first time.

In the evening one couple saw our fire ring and asked if we could build a fire. I built a fire and we took some lawn chairs and a small table out to the fire ring. They had stopped at a local winery and we were chilling their wine. They sat by the fire, drank wine, ate cheese and crackers we provided, and watched the stars come out as it grew dark. Mars rose prominently in the southeastern sky. A satellite traced a line overhead west to east. The big dipper was soon visible in the northeastern sky, pointing to the north star, Polaris.

Ham and Swiss Quiche

Patricia is ready to serve ham and Swiss cheese quiche.

Breakfast table setting.

Table set for 8 guests for breakfast.










It was a clear night and the sky was filled with stars. they are easily visible from the field behind the house because we have very little light pollution at Gracefield Hall.

Breakfast dishes

Breakfast dishes staged and ready to plate.

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