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Colonial House Bed Chamber

Colonial House – Part 18

Colonial House The first floor bedchamber, the Blue Guest Room, is in the room behind the parlor. Since it is a primary guest room, it is trimmed with chair rail and a single-piece crown moulding. The trim is painted a bright blue; a minor color in the hierarchy of important 18th century colors as would […]

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Colonial House curtains

Colonial House – Part 17

Colonial House A server at the far end of the dining room is accurate to the period, as is the gate-leg table at rest (folded) under the large mirror on the exterior wall. Above the server are the May and December lithographs from the 12 months of flower prints. These two prints represent the birth […]

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Colonial House Desk

Colonial House – Part 15

Colonial House To the left is the parlor; a socially important room. This room has a small wood burning fireplace in the corner with a custom mantle, painted in the same color as the passage woodwork, and slate surround. It is built with a square early colonial firebox using hand-molded bricks. A cast iron fireback […]

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Colonial House - Corner Boards

Colonial House – Part 13

Colonial House If there are outside corners inside the house, there has to be a way to finish that corner so it is straight, plumb, and smooth. Today, metal corner beads are used with joint compound applied to smooth the transition between the side of the bead and the sheetrock. Colonial plasterers did not have […]

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Colonial House Architecture

Colonial House – Part 12

Colonial House With the exception of the front and back doors in the passage, which have brass hardware, all other doors in the house are hung with H-L and H hinges. Box locks are mounted on the surface of the paneled doors and can be locked with a slide bar on the box lock.

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Crown moulding hierarchy.

Colonial House – Part 11

Colonial House While the chair rail and a three-piece crown moulding trim the passage, the parlor and dining room are trimmed with wainscoting, chair rail, and extensive four-piece crown moulding. See if you can spot the difference between the crown moulding in the parlor and dining room. Bedchambers seldom had crown moulding, an exception here […]

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Door casing on private rooms.

Colonial House – Part 10

Colonial House There is a hierarchy to space and woodwork and it is designed to impress. Social status was important. Rooms used for entertaining had greater social importance than room used only by the family. These public rooms, such as the parlor and dining room, where the family status was being displayed, had more elaborate […]

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The brick foundation and siding on the kitchen outbuilding do not align with the brick foundation and siding on the main house addition. Note the security bars on the window in the English basement.

Colonial House – Part 7

Colonial House As you approach the front of the house, notice there is a vertical corner board to the right of the front porch door. This corner board is where the original house ended before the space between the house and kitchen was filled in. The seam continues down through the brick on the foundation […]

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Brick Kiln Cake

Brick Yard Dinner

Gracefield Hall hosted the Brick Yard Dinner. What we hope to make it an annual event; the Colonial Williamsburg Masonry Trades¬†crew was here for a kiln pre-firing dinner on Sunday evening, November 15th. Patricia made a kiln cake complete with tunnel doors, “brick” platting on the top (actually chopped up Jelly Belly jelly beans), colonial […]

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Need a venue for small off-site meetings or a shower? Celebrating an upcoming wedding or birth with a shower? Want a quiet location for contemplation or strategic analysis away from the constant distractions of the office?¬†Gracefield Hall has the ideal location! Conveniently located in south-central New Kent County with quick access to U.S. 60 and […]

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